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ASU Burglary Charges with Serious Consequences

Many of us saw the news this week about two Arizona State University football players being arrested this past weekend and dismissed from the team.  The real news, however, goes beyond sports.  The 2 young men are facing serious charges and possible expulsion from ASU for their actions.  Police officers arrested the pair in connection with a burglary at student housing.  They were allegedly found with the stolen credit cards and reportedly admitted to taking the items.

Ethics Before All Else

Universities around the country are placing more importance and emphasis on ethical behavior both on and off campus, citing the school’s Code of Conduct.  Over the past few years our office has represented numerous ASU students who have been arrested for various infractions that occur off campus, often at nights and on weekends.  Many people still believe those actions can be separated from their life at school but university officials disagree.  ASU is promptly notified of students’ charges and Code of Conduct hearings are scheduled between the student and the school.

The Code of Conduct Hearing is the Beginning

While this is not part of the formal legal process, preparing my clients for those Code of Conduct hearings and representing them at the actual hearing is part of my representation.  We understand the pressure of having criminal charges brought against you, and on top of that, your status at university being in jeopardy.  It is important to take both very seriously so that you can present yourself in the best way to both a judge and the Dean at your college.  Being highly knowledgeable and experienced at these school hearings, I will protect your rights and be in your corner every step of the way.

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