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Holiday Season Means Increase in Theft and Security

The holiday season brings with it the fun and excitement of shopping for gifts. For some, buying presents for numerous family and friends can be far from fun; it can be a huge stress. The cost of making sure everyone on your list gets his or her wish is astronomical. One study estimated that Americans will spend over $1,400 on holiday gifts, decorations and other items this year.

Team Up for Operation Fade to Black Friday

For those who are struggling with finances, the holiday season becomes too difficult to bear and once in a while, they resort to stealing from retail establishments. With the crowds surging at Valley malls, shoplifters may feel as though they can be discreet and blend in, causing theft to increase this time of year. Security and police are on higher alert watching for shoplifting incidents around the state. In fact, some East Valley agencies are teaming up for Operation Fade to Black Friday, a crackdown on shoplifting.

Protect Your Rights

This is actually the third year in a row of this particular task force, which is a cooperative effort between the City of Mesa, Salt River Police and East Valley Fusion Center. Their focus is on Mesa and Scottsdale Pavilions stores, and their goal is to prevent theft and to prosecute those caught “red-handed.” The consequences of a shoplifting charge can vary depending on the value of the goods stolen. Arizona is tough on theft and prosecutors want to set an example especially around the holiday season. Hiring an attorney is important because not only do you need your rights protected throughout the legal process, but you will need an experienced knowledgeable partner to fight to reduce or dismiss the charges. Let our office represent you if you are charged with shoplifting and you will be in great hands.

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