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How to Get a Show Low Arizona Criminal Speeding Ticket Dismissed

If you have been charged with criminal or excessive speeding in Show Low, Arizona, don’t worry, you are not alone. Arizona is one of the few states in the Country that criminalizes speeding cases. In Arizona, a person can be charged with criminal speeding if they are traveling more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit or greater than 85 miles per hour on a highway.

If you are driving a newer model car, it is very easy to travel faster than 85 miles per hour. Being on an open road with light to no traffic may cause you to start thinking about other things and lose track of how fast you are going. The police know you are not paying attention to your speed and camp out behind trees to pull over as many people as possible who are going more than 85 mph.

For most of our clients, this is the first time they have had any form of run in with law enforcement. The police officer may tell them the criminal speeding charge is not a big deal and that if they just pay the fine they will not have to go to court. What the police fail to tell people is that paying a fine is the same as admitting guilt. If you plead guilty to this offense, it will forever be reported on your criminal history. In addition to having a criminal history, the criminal speeding ticket will be reported to your insurance company and your insurance rates will go up significantly.

Being convicted of criminal speeding will undoubtedly have several long term effects. It’s not worth it to just blow this ticket off. For a very small investment, you can hire a lawyer who can help get this case dismissed. Having your case dismissed will prevent you from having a criminal conviction on your record and will save you thousands of dollars over a long period of time with your insurance company.

I tell all clients the same thing, put your faith in me, let me do my job and I will work tirelessly to provide you with an exceptional outcome. For criminal speeding cases out of Show Low, the best outcome would be reducing the criminal charge to a civil violation – possibly even a small fine for waste of finite resources.

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