What is the Tempe Minor in Consumption Diversion Program

Tempe police issue hundreds, if not thousands, of minor in consumption of alcohol citations.  In Arizona, it is illegal for a person to be under 21 and consume alcohol.  Police have the ability to stop a person who they believe may be under 21 to determine whether they have been drinking.  It’s important to know your rights – what to say and do if approached by a police officer.  While this article has to do more with the Tempe Diversion program, if you would like to know your rights when it comes to the police, please call my office and we would be more than happy to discuss.

The Tempe Diversion program is conducted by Tempe Social Services located at the Tempe Public Library at Southern and Rural.  The offie is approximately 3 miles south of ASU campus and is easily accessible by bike or public transportation.  First time offenders of minor in consumption of alcohol may be eligible for the diversion program.  Please note, we emphasized may.  If you are a parent or student reading this article, do not leave it to chance.  Our office knows exactly how to present a case in an effort to increase the chances of our clients participating in the diversion program.  Our legal fees are nominal and we offer payment plans. Think of a lawyer as an investment in your future.  For a small fee, you can increase your chances of entering into the diversion program and have your case dismissed.
The diversion program means that instead of being prosecuted, your case is diverted from the court system.  If you successfully complete the program, your entire case gets dismissed.  Depending on the facts of your case, the diversion program could consist of as little as a weekend alcohol education course.  For cases that are more severe, a diversion program could consist of 6 months worth of courses.  Our attorneys can help negotiate the type of diversion program clients can participate in.
The Tempe Diversion Program alcohol education courses are held nearly every weekend.  The fee is approximately $200.  If our office is able to negotiate a diversion program, there is generally not a court fine; rather, clients simply have to pay for the diversion courses.
Because we have handled so many Tempe minor in consumption of alcohol cases, we are considered the authority.  Even if you would just like free advice or would like to pick our brains for a few minutes, you are always more than welcome to call our office.

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