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Phoenix Woman Arrested for Unlicensed Practice of Medicine

Practicing Medicine Without a License

Many professions out there require a license from a regulating entity to operate.  Examples include practicing medicine as a doctor, practicing law as an attorney, operating as a contractor, and being a realtor.  There are many more out there that the normal person would know about but these are the major ones.  Licensing allows the public to hire a professional knowing that they are knowledgeable, experienced and educated in their line of work.  It also allows for a level of oversight by the governing entity, a form of checks and balances ensuring good business practices.

Fraudulent Schemes and Money Laundering

Unfortunately, these licenses require fees to be paid up front and on an ongoing basis.  Adding up the initial costs, the annual costs and any applicable continuing education fees, licenses are often very expensive to maintain.  That is why in any profession there are those out there who operate below the radar without the required license.  One Phoenix woman was arrested this week for allegedly operating a dentistry practice without a license.  An undercover police officer was reportedly able to observe the woman’s apartment set up like a make-shift decorated waiting room with magazines, and a full dentist office in the back room complete with dentistry equipment.  The woman even gave the previous manager of the apartment complex braces.  She has been charged with practicing dentistry without a license, fraudulent schemes and illegal control of an enterprise, all serious allegations resulting in serious consequences.

Contracting Without a License Attorney

This is clearly an extreme example that made headlines.  More often I get calls about the charge of contracting without a license, a much more common scenario.  Operating any business without the proper licensing can get you in trouble with law enforcement resulting in terrible consequences for your business and your life in general.  Contracting without a license in Arizona is designated as a class 1 misdemeanor which means it is a crime that stays on your record.  I have been able to help clients through this difficult time by reducing their stress, discussing the matter with the prosecutor and fighting to mitigate the consequences.  There are defenses that can be made to the courts and plenty of invaluable guidance my office can provide regarding this charge.  If you are charged with contracting without a license in Arizona, call our office to discuss your case for free.

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