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Attorneys to Help Get a Scottsdale Conviction Set Aside

Is your criminal conviction preventing you from obtaining a job or advancing your education? Our lawyers have found that criminal convictions can haunt people for a very long time. Although you may have found yourself in trouble with the legal system in the past, the attorneys at Matthew Lopez Law can help put your life back on track by having your criminal conviction set aside.

Does Arizona Expunge Cases

In some states, a criminal conviction can be expunged – meaning, after a certain period of time, an attorney can file paperwork to have your case permanently taken off your record. While Arizona does not permit a person to expunge their criminal record, our lawyers can file paperwork to have your conviction set aside.

So what is a set aside? Having your conviction set aside changes the court file from convicted to set aside by the court. Having your conviction set aside will provide you with more opportunities than people who have a permanent conviction on their record.

How To Get Your Conviction Set Aside

Our offices charges a flat fee of $500 to have convictions set aside. There are no hidden fees or extra costs. Hiring our law firm to petition the court to set aside your conviction is incredibly simple. We will file paperwork the same day we are hired. In most cases, we can have your conviction set aside as soon as two weeks from petitioning the court. We have filed hundreds of petitions would be more than happy to help you. Investing $500 in our services, may be the investment you will ever make.

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