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Lawyer Defending Gila Bend Criminal Speeding Cases

When driving around Arizona, it is incredible how much open space there is.  Navigating the miles and miles of desert landscape, many push the speed limit and travel faster than the posted signs.  Some people forget than the small towns they drive through have much lower speed limits and police who fiercely patrol the area.

Why Gila Bend Issues Excessive Speeding Tickets

Two people ended up dead in a terrible head on collision in Gila Bend, AZ last week and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office believed speed could have been a factor.  There was a total of 8 people involved, including children.  The two people who died were adults.  While details have not been released in the cause of the crash, it is clear that pushing the speed limit can quickly turn a bad accident into a tragic one.

Some May Say Call Them Speed Traps

Many small towns on the outskirts of Phoenix have strict policies when it comes to speeding, and Gila Bend, Arizona is no different.  The town itself is directly on the main route to and from California, at the cross roads of Interstate 8 and State Route 85.  There are not only locals driving in the area, but also lots of out of towners on road trips.  When driving a long journey, it is easy to maintain your speed and accidentally miss a reduced speed limit signage.  Some even ignore the signs hoping police are few and far between.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Don’t Worry, Our Lawyers Can Assist

We get many calls from clients who have been charged with criminal speeding in Gila Bend.  Criminal speeding is more than a regular civil speeding ticket. It stays on your criminal record just like any other misdemeanor.  The immediate consequences are much more serious as well.  The best action to take right after being charged with criminal speeding is to call an attorney who knows how to handle these specific cases and how to get the best results possible.  We have plenty of experience with excessive speeding cases in Gila Bend, as well as all over the state, and we have been able to achieve excellent results.  Call our office to speak with an attorney about your case in a free consultation.