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Michigan Man Killed Bicyclists On Prescription Drugs

The man accused of hitting a group of bicyclists with his car in Michigan is facing extremely serious charges and has a long legal battle ahead of him.  Charles Edward Pickett Jr. was witnessed driving erratically in his pickup truck in Kalamazoo County when he struck the cyclists who were riding on the shoulder.  The incident left 5 dead and 4 seriously injured.  According to recent reports, the investigation into the tragedy revealed that Pickett was on drugs at the time, increasing the number of charges to 14.

Pickett is now facing charges for the deaths of the people he killed, for the injured bicyclists, and for driving under the influence of a controlled substance.  Details are still emerging for this particular case, so it is unclear which controlled substance they found in Pickett’s blood.  He was arrested shortly after the incident, so police were able to immediately draw his blood to test for alcohol and drugs.  Apparently, he tested positive for one or more drugs.

Prescription Drug DUIs are on the Rise in Arizona

When you see the term controlled substance, this means it is a drug requiring prescription from a licensed medical practitioner.  This could be pain medication, depression or anxiety medication, or any other prescription drug you get from a pharmacy.  Prescription drug DUIs in Arizona are increasing due to the huge amount of people being prescribed pain medications.  Many pill bottles warn the patient of the risks related to operating heavy machinery while taking the medicine, but not many people take heed.

Understanding your Legal Defense to a Prescription Drug Case

The complexities related to a prescription drug DUI in Phoenix are numerous.  The first issue, one that our office has extensive experience with, is the stop itself.  The police have specific field tests to determine whether a driver has been drinking alcohol and is impaired.  They have procedures on how to determine if the driver is under the influence of marijuana.  But impairment by prescription drugs, with so many different kinds of medication affecting people in many different ways, has no clear tests.  This is where an experienced Arizona prescription drug DUI attorney, who knows the ins and outs of how to review and question the charges, is an invaluable asset to your case.

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