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Phoenix Bicyclist Injury Law Firm

Arizona is known for its beautiful weather and year-round outdoor activities.  Hiking, biking, golf, rock climbing, swimming: this place is an adventurist’s playground.  One of the most popular activities that you see people participating in daily is road biking.  Cyclists are present all over the Phoenix metro area as well as on the long stretches of open road on the outskirts of town.  Riding a road bike is a wonderful way to get exercise while enjoying the sun and scenery.  However, just as with any outdoor adventure sport, there are risks.

Attorneys Provide Compensation for Injuries

While driving near a bicyclist, it is important to make sure they get enough space.  Drivers must always be aware of sharing the road with bikers, which isn’t always easy due to their smaller size and varying speed.  Many cities have installed official bike lanes making it safer and easier to enjoy the sport, but most roads still are not equipped with these lanes.  Even with the proper protective equipment, and with the added safety of a large group, a cyclist is always at risk of being hit, easily resulting in injury or death.  A tragic accident in Michigan this week resulted in 5 bikers being killed and 4 being injured.

Man Caused Accident that Resulted in Death to Cyclists

A man driving erratically crashed into the group of cyclists on a rural road in Michigan Tuesday evening.  The group was biking on the shoulder when they were struck.  Four died at the scene while others were taken to the hospital.  Being hit by a vehicle, it is almost impossible for a person on a bicycle not to suffer from serious injuries.  Cyclists has very little protection from such a large object with the velocity of a vehicle.  In this case it was a pick-up truck, and the driver was quickly arrested by police.

Let Our Attorneys Fight the Insurance Company

Injuries occur every day in Arizona after a car-bike accident, some more serious than others.  It is important for bikers to follow the proper rules of the road to ensure their own safety, but it is vehicles who have the biggest responsibility due to their sheer size and potential for causing harm or death.  If you or anyone you know has been injured in a car-bike crash in Phoenix or anywhere in Arizona, our office can provide the much-needed comfort of having an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive personal injury attorney on your side.  Insurance companies consume an incredible amount of time and energy, and are fighting hard to pay you the least money possible, whether it’s fair or not.  Contact us today to discuss your case for free.

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