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California Music Festival Results in 400 Arrests

Music festival arrests

A music festival in California suffered a major buzz kill last week when police decided to sweep the venue.  To say they didn’t come out empty handed is an understatement.  Police announced they made over 400 arrests at the three day Nocturnal Wonderland electronic music festival in San Bernardino over Labor Day weekend, a huge haul for a single event. Charges included DUI, being under the age of 18 at the event, drug possession and drug sales, and being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drug use at concerts

Music festivals have always been a venue where attendees celebrate by using drugs.  Concert goers often partake in drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy to enhance their experience with their friends and the performances.  At many events like the Nocturnal Wonderland Rave, drugs have flowed freely among attendees.  It has simply been part of the culture.  The problem is that there have been hundreds of injuries and numerous deaths as a result of using these illicit drugs at raves. Some incidents are due to overdosing on one or a cocktail of substances.  Other times, the hallucinogenic effects of a drug combined with the party atmosphere results in dangerous, illogical, and out-of-character behavior.

Police and hospitals believe these large scale music festivals are a threat to public health and safety.  Emergency rooms become overwhelmed with injuries and overdoses.  Police are cracking down on these events, trying to establish a new mind set that drugs are not acceptable as they once were.  They are making sweeps like they did over Labor Day to make a statement with drug possession charges, drug paraphernalia charges or other drug charges.

Drug possession in Phoenix

Arizona has had a few months break from festivals due to the summer heat, but October is when outdoor events and music concerts pick back up.  While alcohol is readily available and legal to consume in moderation, drug possession or paraphernalia can easily land you in cuffs even in a contained environment like a concert.  Local police agencies will be in attendance too, but not to enjoy the music.  They will not necessarily turn a blind eye to these activities anymore.  A drug possession charge in Phoenix is a serious charge and requires an experienced Arizona drug criminal defense lawyer, something we provide our clients everyday.

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