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Oktoberfest in Arizona Leads to Hundreds of Minor in Consumption Tickets

Oktoberfest in Arizona

The past few weekends have been the first cooler weather weekends of the year, marking the start of festival season in the Phoenix area.  Tempe Town Lake is the perfect venue for large events with its open grass area, beautiful view of the lake, and proximity to lively Mill Avenue.  One of the first big events of the season for Downtown Tempe is the Four Peaks-sponsored Oktoberfest that took place this past weekend.  It combines the celebration of cooler weather with the ever-popular beer garden theme and live music.

Using a fake ID in Tempe

Tempe Town Lake attracts people from all over the Valley but in particular it will attract the near-by students of ASU.  Many of these undergraduate students are underage and therefore will find illegal means in order to participate in the drinking portion of Four Peaks Oktoberfest.  While the event personnel will be checking IDs and strictly enforcing the 21 and over law, there will be a handful of underage people who take the risk and attempt to drink using a fake ID.

Arizona false identification consequences

In Arizona, using false identification or using the identification of another person as your own is a criminal misdemeanor and can carry hefty penalties as well as ing lasting effects.  Gone are the days where the security guard hands back the fake ID and declines your entry.  Nowadays, especially at last weekend’s Oktoberfest event, security is well trained in identifying false IDs and will not hesitate to call the nearest police officer to assist.  In my experience many clients also find themselves making false statements to the police officer to cover their tracks after using the fake ID.  This often ends up causing more problems than solving them; reporting false information to a police officer in Arizona is another separate charge.  If you are arrested in Tempe at Oktoberfest for using a fake ID or making false statements to the police, we can help.  Contact us to discuss your Arizona criminal charge immediately.

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