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Season for Shoplifting Arrests in Arizona

Shoplifting prevention efforts around Arizona

Tis the season for crowded malls and busy box stores. During the winter leading up to Christmas, shops all around Arizona are experiencing a boost in sales. People are feverishly buying stuff: gifts for family and friends, cookware for an upcoming holiday party, or decorations to add to the growing collection. The pressure is on for all of us to deliver a perfect holiday season, but for many, the idea of shopping is daunting because of financial struggles. Seasonal workers are finding good money in these shoppers and that includes extra security in big stores like Wal-Mart and Target and at Valley malls. These security guards, often called loss prevention, are there to stop any potential shoplifters from taking off with free merchandise.

Family shoplifting in Phoenix

Just this week, the Phoenix police were on the hunt for an unusual shoplifting team: a family of women, possible mother and grandmother, traveling with their young children. The crew walked into a west side dollar store, stuffed their purses, and left after a scuffle with a store employee. Because of the physical fight, their shoplifting arrest was actually now became a theft arrest.

Shoplifting Arrest in Scottsdale, Chandler

While the pressure is high around Christmas, financial struggles are no excuse for stealing in the eyes of the law. A brief lapse in judgment can cause significant life changing consequences for someone. Arizona takes shoplifting extremely seriously. In fact there is a very low threshold for when a misdemeanor shoplifting charge becomes a felony shoplifting charge. The major factor is the value of the goods stolen, whether it is over or under $1,000. You may think that an item or two is not a big deal and that the big chain store will not miss the merchandise, but the courts will not see it that way at all. Either level of shoplifting in can result in jail or prison. Prior convictions are also considered. It is important that if you are ever arrested for shoplifting in Scottsdale, Chandler, or anywhere in Arizona, you have a knowledgeable and experienced Phoenix shoplifting attorney on your side. I have represented many clients who were arrested for shoplifting and I know how to analyze a case to present valid and effective defense arguments to reduce or dismiss the charges.

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