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Criminal Damage charges in Arizona

Criminal Damage and Arson charges in Mesa, Arizona

Arizona is one of the most biker-friendly states in the country. Miles of open road, mild weather, and plenty of biker hang-outs. Today, a woman made Mesa, Arizona a little less biker-friendly for her boyfriend when she set his $17,000 Harley Davidson on fire. The woman was allegedly upset over suspicions that he was cheating on her so she went about getting her own form of justice. She destroyed the motorcycle using gasoline and a torch inside a shed. When Mesa fire fighters and police responded to her house, they discovered text messages that indicated she set the fire on purpose and gloated to her boyfriend about her actions.

While she may think she was getting satisfying revenge, her careless bragging on her phone means she is now going to have to put out her own fires in court. She is being charged with arson and criminal damage for destroying the Harley and damaging some nearby property. Criminal damage in Arizona is a common charge that can stem from a wide range of situations. Most often I see these charges resulting when a client is impaired by either drugs or alcohol and in the moment of frustration, anger, or even fun, do damage to someone else’s property. Either way, a few minutes of poor decision making can negatively affect the rest of your life.

Consequences of an Arizona criminal damage charge

The level of a criminal damage charge is based upon the value of the property that was damaged. For example, if the value is less than $250, the charge is a class 2 misdemeanor. As the value of the goods increases, so does the seriousness of the criminal charge and the consequences you face. If the value of the goods is over $10,000, such as in the Harley case, the charge will be a class 4 felony. The scorned Mesa woman is facing up to 2 and a half years in prison. Other consequences of criminal damage in Arizona are probation, fines, and restitution. In some cases, I have seen clients charged with domestic violence criminal damage when the damage was in connection to a domestic violence situation. In this case, you have the additional penalty of having a criminal violence designation on your record.

Criminal damage experienced attorney is a must

Whether you were out drinking and damaged a small piece of property, or you destroyed a building or vehicle, an experienced and knowledgeable criminal damage lawyer is a must. Call my office to discuss your case specifics and see how we can fight to reduce or dismiss the charges.

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