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Arizona Spring Training means more MIPs and MICs

Arizona Spring Training means more MIPs and MICs

For baseball fans, another exciting season of ball games is about to begin. It all starts here with the Spring Training Cactus League. Our perfect spring weather is the reason so many baseball teams land in Arizona to practice for the upcoming season. Spring Training in the Phoenix area draws fans not only from around the state but also many from out of state. Out-of-towners come to thaw out in the warm sun and to follow their favorite team. This influx of people means more police and security patrolling the areas around the training fields watching for any illegal or disruptive activity, including underage drinking.

Underage Drinkers at Cactus League games in Tempe and Scottsdale

Attendees at the baseball training games enjoy a small stadium and the same food and drink at any regular season game. Along with peanuts and hot dogs, beer is a main staple at The Old Ball Game. Police know that some of the people drinking are actually under 21 and they try their best to curb this behavior. Some of the most popular Spring Training stadiums are in Tempe and Scottsdale, very close to the ASU campus. Students nearing spring break may decide to let loose and enjoy the outdoors by going to a game with friends or visiting family.

Underage drinkers score alcohol either by using a fake ID, using a friend’s ID, or by having someone older buy it for them. Vendors at the baseball facilities are well trained at spotting fake identification, and have security and police officers on hand to immediately take action. The other thing security watches out for is disruptive behavior: shouting, stumbling, fighting, or destruction of property. These are common signs of an underage drinker.

Arizona MIP and MIC attorney gets results

When I get a call from someone arrested for Minor in Consumption or Minor in Possession in Arizona, or a concerned parent, I immediately can hear the worry and stress in his or her voice. Many times this is a first experience being charged with a crime and first time having to hire an attorney. While an MIP or MIC is a criminal charge and is a serious matter, as an experienced and highly knowledgeable attorney in Tempe and Scottsdale, I have confidence that I can obtain a successful outcome for these types of cases, as well as ease the worry and stress that results from an underage drinking case. If you or your son or daughter has been charged with an Arizona MIP or MIC at a Spring Training game, make your first call be to my office.

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