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Disorderly Conduct at Final Four events in Phoenix

Final Four games in Glendale AZ bring crowds, craziness

Another major sports event is gracing the Phoenix area this weekend with not one but both of the Final Four college basketball games. The games will determine the 2 remaining teams to battle for the championship.  The actual games are being held in Glendale at the University of Phoenix Stadium, but the entire valley will be seeing an influx of people for various Final Four-related events. Along with the masses of people attending these games from in town and from around the country, security will be increased at the games and the other events. Police and security personnel will be trying to keep guests safe and keep the peace, including using their handcuffs of necessary.

Phoenix disorderly conduct charges

During sports events like the Final Four, groups of friends are together having a fun relaxing time and letting off steam with one of the many alcohol options they have at the University of Phoenix stadium. Alcohol often leads to tension and/or rowdiness in large crowds and in these situations, you may find yourself cited or arrested for Arizona disorderly conduct. A Phoenix disorderly conduct charge generally is a misdemeanor, but can be given felony status depending on the circumstances. A misdemeanor is used for your typical rowdy, loud, or disruptive behavior. It can be for a public heated argument or for being obnoxious while drunk. A felony disorderly conduct charge in Phoenix means some kind of weapon was involved.

Why hire an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney

The consequences vary between misdemeanor and felony charges, but also vary hugely based upon the circumstances. In my experience with these types of cases, there is often more than one side to the story. It is my job to sort through all aspects of the case, review police reports and statements, and to fight to reduce or dismiss the charges. You do not want a day out drinking with friends to end up with a criminal conviction on your record. I have had tons of experience and great success with disorderly conduct charges in Phoenix and all over the valley. Many times the charge is coupled with one or two other charges making it a more complex case. If you are arrested for Glendale disorderly conduct or Scottsdale disorderly conduct, call my office to discuss your case and to start fighting your charges.

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