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420 “Holiday” Possession of Marijuana Arrests

Recreational Marijuana still illegal in Arizona

Marijuana laws around the country are relaxing each year. It seems the general population is becoming less and less scared of the idea of this drug. Over half the states now have marijuana legalized in some form or another. Arizona legalized pot for medical use in 2010, paving the way for a brand new industry of growers, retailers and customers. In 2016, recreational pot was on the ballot but was rejected by voters. While the margin between yeas and nays was slim, recreational marijuana remains illegal in Arizona and still at the top of the list for criminal charges of drugs.

April 20 means celebration for some in Arizona

With April 20th being a pot-lovers “holiday,” police will be informed to watch closely for signs of marijuana use, possession or impaired driving. Phoenix possession of marijuana, while not an uncommon charge, is still a complex case requiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. This felony charge is used generally if you are found to be in possession of less than 2 pounds of marijuana. More than 2 pounds may imply intent to sell or distribute which carries heftier consequences and higher levels of felony classification. For an Arizona possession of marijuana case, our office takes a thorough review of the police report and other evidence presented. We will use our knowledge of drug possession cases, and our familiarity with the specific court, to fight to reduce or dismiss the charges. A successful outcome for us is a successful outcome for our client: minimizing or eliminating the consequences that go along with a Tempe marijuana charge.

Tempe possession of marijuana attorney

If you or your family member is arrested after partaking in 4-20 “holiday festivities,” the first call to make is to Matthew Lopez Law. We help hundreds of clients a year get through a stressful and sometimes scary time in their lives after an Arizona drug arrest. Our priority is putting you at ease, and obtaining great results, so that your future is not tarnished forever with a criminal conviction on your record.

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