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Lake Powell and Grand Canyon DUI Penalties

DUI at Lake Powell – Federal Court Leads to Federal Jail

As we approach summer, it is important to discuss the precautions needed for boating at Lake Mead. There are portions of Lake Mead that are on federal land. If you plan on operating a boat, be careful not drink. Most people who go boating do not take the same precautions they would if they were driving a car. Also, because of the heat and sometimes lack of eating, alcohol can affect someone if they are drinking at the lake more so than if they were drinking at home or at a restaurant.

How Are Federal DUI Laws Different than State DUI Laws?

For all intents and purposes, state and federal DUI laws are the exact same. The legal limit is .08 and the field sobriety tests are the same. What differs, however, are the consequences. If you are arrested in the State of Arizona for a regular DUI, your jail sentence could be as low as one day. There are some cases where we can even have the jail sentence waived. Federal DUIs are completely different.

If you are arrested or cited for a DUI on federal land, your case will be assigned to a federal magistrate court. The judge who will preside over your case is a federal judge. The prosecutor assigned to your case will be from the United States Attorney’s office. Your court documents will read United States of America v. John Doe. Here’s the worst part – if you are convicted of a DUI or Boating DUI, YOU WILL BE SENTENCED TO FEDERAL PRISON. I’m not writing this as a way to scare people into hiring us. The truth is, my office is hired for DUI cases several times per week. We are too busy and too highly regarded to use deceptive techniques to get people to hire us. This is the truth. Any case being prosecuted in federal court will result in federal prison. This is serious.

What Can A Federal DUI Defense Attorneys Do For You

As you can see, having a case in federal court can be extremely intimidating. The Unites States of America is now prosecuting you. Don’t panic, I am licensed to practice federal law and can help lessen the consequences of your case. I guarantee, from the very first time you call my office we will put you at ease. This will probably be your first time in federal court, and may even be your first time every dealing with the court system in general, but rest assured, this is not our first time. My office has represented thousands of people and provided very successful outcomes. Let’s work on your case together. Whether you are interested in hiring us or just want free legal advice, do not hesitate to call. 602-960-1731

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