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Arizona DUI arrest: guilty until proven innocent?

Mesa City councilman DUI arrest

A local elected official has found himself in a media firestorm after an arrest for suspicion of DUI.  Ryan Winkle, a Mesa City Councilman elected just this past November, was arrested earlier this month in Tempe, Arizona after he was allegedly weaving his car on the road.  Police pulled him over and took him to the East Valley DUI task force unit to draw blood, after which he was issued a criminal citation for driving under the influence.

Winkle has yet to stand trial or be convicted (his blood alcohol level results have not even been released), yet he is clearly already paying the hefty price of his DUI arrest.  While he is a public figure and will certainly be more attractive to media than the average person, this story does show the seriousness of being suspected of driving under the influence in Arizona.  The situation can quickly escalate and affect your professional and personal lives significantly.

Do I have to tell my employer about my DUI arrest in Arizona?

When I have a client that is being charged with a Tempe DUI, I often receive questions about notification requirements to an employer, university, or a governing board.  Everyone has a unique situation that requires a special analysis and discussion.  I have significant experience with many professions and schools in Arizona and can make recommendations to my clients as to whether notification is required for their specific industry and if so, how, to who and when.  I also know what consequences certain professions can expect from a criminal charge.  It seems cliche to say that someone is innocent until proven guilty, but the saying is often not the realty.  In Winkle’s case, and in many professional sports arrests that we hear about in the news, the person faces dismissal purely based on the arrest.  In these situations, no consideration is given if down the road the criminal charges are reduced or dismissed.

Arizona DUI attorney with experience

As a Tempe criminal defense attorney, I cannot control how the people in my clients’ lives will react to the news of a DUI arrest.  My job is to fight for my client to get the best possible outcome from the legal process, ultimately getting the charges reduced or dismissed.  I believe in a fair and impartial legal process and always work hard to protect my clients’ rights from start to end.  If you have questions about your Scottsdale DUI, Tempe DUI, or Phoenix DUI, or need advice on notifying your school, governing board, or employer, please call my office for a free consultation.

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