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Gilbert DUI Leads to Probation Violation

What You Need to Do For Probation Revocation at Gilbert Court

Gilbert Court can be one of the strictest courts in Arizona for DUIs. As I’m writing this, I’m in court waiting for my client’s case to be called. Without giving away attorney client privilege, I will give you the general facts.

Three years ago, my client hired one of my competitors to represent him for his Gilbert DUI.  It would be unprofessional for me to disclose who my competitor is, but I can tell you he holds himself out as someone who is the authority of Arizona DUI cases, as he has limited his practice to exclusively DUIs. While this may sound good for advertising purposes, truth be told, he gets clients to hire him by undercutting the price of colleagues who have similar experience, then he farms his clients out to contract attorneys. The contract attorneys do not know his clients and his contract attorneys do not know the client. It is clear to me the self-proclaimed authority on DUIs does not care about his clients.

Moving on, my client who lives in Washington was told by his previous attorney that he could serve his 6 day jail sentencing in Washington and would be eligible for 24 days of home detention. While this is true, and sounds like a fairly good resolution, he neglected to tell client that he had to make arrangements with the Washington jail ahead of time. Client thought he could simply take Gilbert Court’s order to any jail in Washington and they would allow him to serve his time. When the jails refused to accept client, he called his previous attorney to express his frustrations. His previous attorney said he would not take the time to help client find a jail in Washington and finding a jail was the client’s problem.

When the client couldn’t find a Washington jail that would accept him, the Gilbert Prosecutor’s Office issued a petition to revoke his probation. The Gilbert Court then revoked client’s opportunity to complete home detention and ordered that he must serve 30 days in jail.

What Our Attorneys Do For Gilbert DUI Clients

We respect the fact that our clients pay us a lot of money to help them with their DUIs. For this particular client, I personally spent countless hours on the phone trying to find a jail in Washington. The effort applied to client’s case proved successful. I was able to locate a jail in Washington just minutes from where client lives that will also allow him to participate in work release.

This was a lot of work on my end, but at the end of the day, it was just a matter of me blocking out an afternoon to make a bunch of phone calls for my client. Believe me, there are more difficult things in life.

Our client was incredibly grateful for the outcome we provided. We helped him and we can help you too

If you are facing a DI probation in Gilbert, or any other type of Gilbert probation violation, let’s talk about your options. Our consultations are free of charge. I am confident that after speaking with us, you will want our lawyers on your side, 602-960-1731.

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