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Casa Grande Criminal Speeding Ticket Lawyer You Need To Call

Casa Grande Criminal Speeding Ticket Lawyer You Need To Call

Have you ever been driving to Phoenix or Tucson and lost track of your speed?  Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us.  I’ll be honest, as a lawyer who travels across the entire State of Arizona providing clients with award winning criminal defense representation, there have been times I find myself driving a little too fast.  It’s easy to do.  Light traffic coupled with a car that has a smooth ride, sometimes results in a going well above the posted speed limit without even realizing it.  In my opinion, which really means nothing, if there is light traffic, or your keeping up with traffic, really what difference does it make to go above the speed limit? Let’s face it, who really drives 75 miles per hour.  Most of the time, I chalk criminal speeding up as being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The problem is, if your issued a citation, now you’re facing a criminal charge.  What an absolute pain!  If convicted, you will now be grouped with other people who have committed crimes like reckless driving or even a DUI.  Not only will you have a criminal conviction on your record, your insurance is going to skyrocket.

Don’t let this one small incident spiral out of control.  Let’s relieve your stress and take care of your entire case.  Taking care of our clients is what we do best.  Our attorneys love providing clients with great outcomes.  A great outcome for us for Casa Grande criminal speeding cases would include either having the criminal charge reduced to civil speeding or, even better, have our clients attend defensive driving school to prevent them from incurring points on their motor vehicle record.

Are you worried about how much a lawyer is going to cost?  Don’t be!  You’ll find that receiving our award winning representation is very affordable.  Think of our services as a very small investment.  You may spend a small amount of money now, but if we’re able to get your criminal speeding case dismissed, we’re going to save you thousands of dollars in the future.  Hiring our office to assist with your case is really a no brainer!  Let’s talk, 602-960-1731.

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