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DUI Lawyer in Parker, Arizona

DUI Lawyer in Parker, Arizona

I’ll get straight to the point, there is a little trick for DUI and OUI cases in Parker, Arizona that not many, including lawyers, know about.  To learn this trick you will have to call my office to speak with our lawyers about your case.  By using this trick, our odds of getting clients’ DUI cases dismissed or reduced drastically increase.

Most of our clients who receive DUIs in Parker are from California. How we handle a case really doesn’t matter whether you are an Arizona or California resident.  The tactics will be the same.  If you are a California resident who was just vacationing in Parker, there is one very important thing you have to keep in mind – Parker, Arizona DUI penalties are drastically different than California.  If you think you are going to get off with simply a slap on the wrist or pay a large fine in exchange for going to jail, you are wrong.  If you do not hire a lawyer to defend your DUI case, you are running the risk of going to jail for up to 45 days.  I guarantee you, the Parker judge does not care that you serving this jail time will be an inconvenience and they certainly won’t care if you could possible lose your job by going to jail.  To the Parker criminal justice system, you are just another number.  You are not an individual, you do not have an identity.  They don’t care about you or your family.

Attorneys Who Will Fight Your Parker DUI Case

If there is one word to describe our approach to DUI cases it would be tactical.  Parker DUI cases must be handled very differently than DUI cases in other courts.  We have a proven strategy for handling these cases.  If you have received a DUI or boating DUI in Parker, AZ, let’s have a 30 minute case strategy discussion about how we can best help you.  If you live in California, most of our clients are comfortable with a phone meeting, we can even meet via Facetime. We want you to be comfortable, but more importantly, we want the opportunity to discuss exactly what we can do for you to help your situation, 602-960-1731.