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Free Legal Advice for Tempe and Scottsdale Minor in Consumption of Alcohol Cases

I’m not saying you have to hire us. You are not going to receive a sky is falling sales pitch from a sales person disguised as a lawyer. You will receive honest and straightforward advice from a lawyer with a trusted reputation.

Truth be told, my office has represented hundreds of clients for minor in consumption of alcohol in Tempe and Scottsdale. This doesn’t mean we’ve represented hundreds of people, some of which may be minor in consumption of alcohol cases. This means exactly what I said, we’ve represented hundreds of people just like you or your child-student for MIC cases. I have seen and experienced every single fact pattern relating to MIC charges. I know what to do when provided a given situation. I am familiar with investigating hard cases in an effort to devise case strategies that will be most beneficial to my clients.

If you or child-student have been cited for a minor in consumption of alcohol charge, the easiest thing to do is, call our office for free legal advice.

I will personally answer every single one of your questions for absolutely free. You will most likely call my office as a bundle of nerves. Don’t worry, that’s perfectly understandable. I guarantee, however, that after speaking with me, you will feel at ease. I often receive feedback that speaking with me about a case feels just like speaking with a close friend or family member. I care about clients, I care about the criminal justice system, and most importantly, I love being a lawyer.

While my criminal defense practice includes representing clients for all types of cases ranging from very minor misdemeanors to extremely serious felonies, representing college students for mistakes is my passion. I look at my job as a two-fold benefit to my clients. First, hiring my office means you will receive an aggressive lawyer who will go to the ends of the earth to fight your case. Second, I enjoy using my position as a lawyer to educate young people, in an effort to ensure their mistakes do not affect the rest of their lives.

Whether your case has been assigned to the Tempe Municipal Court, University Lakes Justice Court or Scottsdale Municipal Court, you can call me anytime 24/7 for free and truthful legal advice about your minor in consumption of alcohol case, or any other criminal defense case, 602-960-1731.

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