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Having Your Conviction Set Aside is Easy

Get Your Conviction Set Aside

I understand, once upon a time you committed an act that you aren’t proud of, now you’re worried that it’s going to affect your career or educational opportunities. The million dollar question is, what can you do to clean up your record? If this is your question, we are your answer.

Arizona courts have a mechanism called a set aside that if granted by a judge, will remove a conviction from your record. If we represent a person for a criminal case, and we are unable to get their charges dismissed, we file applications to set aside for free. You read it right, our law firm files these for our clients for absolutely nothing. If you did not hire a lawyer for your case or you hired a lawyer, but your lawyer doesn’t know how to file an application to have a conviction set aside, we will file it for you for an unbelievably modest price.

Our Lawyers Make The Set Aside Process Incredibly Easy

We charge a small fee that can be paid over the phone. We’ll email you the receipt instantly, then off to the races! If hired by 4:00 p.m., M-F, we will have your application to set aside filed with the court the same day we are hired. We’ve done this process for hundreds of people. Our lawyers helped them and they can help you too!

Don’t Let A Criminal Conviction Ruin Your Life

You made a mistake, have paid your price, now it’s time to move on without the conviction looming over you. Call us to discuss what we can do for you! 602-960-1731.

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