How to Get your Arizona Case Expunged

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to have an Arizona criminal conviction expunged.  Many other states allow a judge to completely expunge a court record after a certain amount of years have passed.  Although Arizona may not have an ability to expunge a case or conviction, we do have the ability to file an application to have a conviction set aside.

What Is the Process For Having a Set Aside Granted

The process for filing an application to have your conviction set aside really could not be any easier.  Our office charges a flat fee of $1,000 to file applications to have misdemeanors set aside and $2,500 to file applications to have felonies set aside.  When we file an application to have a felony conviction set aside, our fee also includes filing paperwork to have our clients’ civil rights restored.  We can accept a payment over the phone.  In most cases, we are able to have the application filed with the respective court the same day we are hired.  After the application is filed, we will scan and email a copy to our client so they can see exactly what our lawyers have done on their case.  It generally takes the judge between one and four weeks to grant our application.  Once it’s granted by the judge, you will have an official court order stating that your conviction has been set aside.

What It Means to Have Your Conviction Set Aside

If our application to have your conviction set aside is granted, you may now tell future employers that you have not been convicted of an offense.  You will now have your life back and endless opportunities.  If you’ve been convicted of an offense anywhere in Arizona, the decision to hire a lawyer to set aside your conviction is easy.  Please call our office to find out how we can best help you.  There’s no reason to continue living your life with a felony or misdemeanor on your record. (602) 980-1987

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