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Steps To Have Your Tempe Urinating in Public Charge Dismissed

I get it, you were on Mill Avenue, probably leaving a bar or club and had to go to the bathroom really bad.

We’ve all been there. We look left and right, don’t see anyone and slowly go behind the bushes. After all, it will only take a second and no one will no. Believe it or not, every now and again we represent a client was so intoxicated that they urinated directly in front of everyone standing in line at a club. For the most of us, however, we fall into the first situation. We think to our selves, everyone does it, it’s not a big deal. I agree with that statement, but unfortunately, Tempe Police do not.

Police are quick to issue citations for urinating in public.

Body cameras are mandated by Tempe Police, so we are fortunate to be able to watch almost all our clients’ interactions with police. The videos would shock you. Most of the time, the officers downplay the situation by telling people receiving a urinating in public citation is not a big deal, it’s a “petty offense.” First off, there’s no such thing as a petty offense in Tempe. Second, it is a big deal. Easy for the officer to downplay the situation, he’s not the one who will have to live with a criminal conviction for the rest of his life. He’s not the one that will have to explain to future employers that he was convicted of urinating in public.

Don’t listen to police officers and certainly don’t listen to friends and family. Here’s the deal, I highly doubt there is another law firm in Arizona who handles more urinating in public cases than mine. We know urinating in public cases at the Tempe Court like the back of our hands. In most cases, we are able to get these charges dismissed. And here’s the best news, you may never have to go to court. We will take care of everything for you. This will save you time, aggravation, stress and, most importantly, prevent you from having a criminal conviction on your record.

Hiring the lawyers at my office to represent you for urinating in public is really a no brainer.

We are great at what we do. If you want the best possible outcome for your Tempe Urinating in Public charge, the choice is clear, call my office to speak with me directly, 602-960-1731.

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