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DUI Patrols at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is a yearly golfing event that was created to provide funding for a number of nominated environmental charity organizations. The tournament attracts visitors from all over the state of Arizona and beyond.

The event begins on the 29th of January and ends on the 4th of February. During that time the promoters of the Phoenix Open pull out all the stops to keep spectators entertained. During the day there are plenty of fun activities for both kids and adults. From the 31st onwards, patrons can relax in the Coors Light Birds Nest entertainment tent, where famous faces from the music world are booked to perform each night until the end of the tournament.

Spectator Safety

The Phoenix Open earned its name as “The Greatest Show on Grass” because of the party atmosphere associated with this leg of the PGA tour. Spectators are treated to spectacles in the world of golf that you are unlikely to see anywhere else, including the booing of underwhelming shots at the infamous 16th hole. The sale and consumption of alcohol is also permitted at the event, so spectator safety is always a major concern.
Before attending the Phoenix Open, we recommend reading the event security procedures available from the promoter’s website. These procedures apply to the 2018 tournament and are subject to change with each subsequent year. Although the tournament organizers promote a relaxed environment, there are rules that spectators should observe, especially when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Laws for acceptable behavior are not suspended while attending the event and anyone who breaks the law may face prosecution.

DUI Patrols

A number of local police forces come together each year to help reduce the risk of drivers getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. While event organizers take great strides to ensure that spectators enjoy the event in a safe environment, they have no control over what happens outside once visitors leave. The officers on patrol are tasked with looking for drivers under the influence leaving the TPC of Scottsdale.

As a preventative measure, visitors can avail of a “Know Your Limit” station prior to leaving the Phoenix Open event. This provides the public with the opportunity to make an informed decision about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is a voluntary breathalyzer test, which visitors are encouraged to take advantage of in order to avoid breaking the law or getting into an accident due to impaired driving.

Active Stops

Officers on patrol outside the event will stop any vehicle where there is a suspicion that the driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances that would result in impaired driving. If you knowingly drove to the event and consumed alcohol, the courts may pursue the harshest penalties permissible under the law.

DUI Convictions

Driving under the influence can carry serious consequences, depending on the circumstances and any previous convictions you may hold. Even a misdemeanor DUI charge can greatly impact on your life. A conviction can affect your right to hold a driving license and may have an influence on your ability to remain in or secure regular work.

There are certain circumstances where those found to be driving under the influence face an unfair conviction due to the law being incorrectly applied to the driver’s circumstances. Only an experienced attorney will have knowledge of the law necessary to defend you in such cases. Matthew Lopez has successfully fought for countless clients who have received charges where the burden of applicable laws was not met.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, it is imperative that you contact the offices of Matthew Lopez right away. We can represent you and help to ensure that you are treated fairly by the courts in Arizona.