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Charges for Underage Drinking During the Phoenix Open

The Phoenix Open is a fun-filled event for spectators of all ages. From the 29th of January to the 04th of February, visitors to the Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale, Arizona, can enjoy watching top-level golf from the stars of the sport. There is plenty more by the way of entertainment with various events taking place around the site. Visitors are not permitted to bring alcohol to the event; however, alcoholic beverages are available for purchase once inside.

While underage spectators are welcome to attend the Phoenix Open, they are required to act responsibly at all times and obey the law. Unfortunately, it only takes one mistake to have a negative impact on a minor’s academic future. If your child is found under the influence of alcohol during the Phoenix Open, he or she will be ejected from the event and will face prosecution. The same applies to any minor in possession of alcohol or attempting to use a fake ID in order to purchase alcohol.

The Phoenix Open & the Police

For the past ten years, the organizers of the Phoenix Open and local police forces have worked closely together to ensure the event is safe for all visitors. Therefore, the courts are not likely to go easy on any minors who are charged with a criminal offense while attending the event. Places of higher education are also committed to setting a good example for how minors conduct themselves during the week-long tournament.

Therefore, minors can expect repercussions for their actions both legally and academically. In all cases there is a risk of serious long-term impacts associated with breaching the law for minors before they have even completed their education.

Minor in Consumption (MIC)

When your child is charged with a MIC, it is important to understand that there are potentially far-reaching consequences. There is nothing wrong with taking a calm, sensible approach to discussing the MIC with your child, but you should also make yourself aware of the possible implications and take appropriate legal measures to protect your child.

A teen may lose their right to drive as the result of a Minor in Consumption conviction. However, that is the least of your child’s worries. The more significant impact is on the ability to pursue academic, sporting or career opportunities in the future. Essentially, a MIC can seriously affect your child’s ability to reach their full potential due to a single error in judgment.

Minor in Possession (MIP)

If you think that Arizona courts do not take the consumption of alcohol by minors all that seriously, look no further than Minor in Possession (MIP) laws. The very act of having an alcoholic beverage in his or her possession can lead to serious consequences for your minor, which include but are not limited to jail time. Many minors who attend the Phoenix Open see drinking alcohol at the event as a rite of passage, little realizing the potential implications for their future.

It does not matter whether your child has consumed the alcohol or not. A MIP charge applies even if the minor is simply holding the beverage for a friend or family member. Fines of up to $2,500 are common practice in the state of Arizona for violation of MIP laws. Then there is the fact that your child will have a criminal record, which could result in driving restrictions and the loss of future education and career opportunities.

Fake IDs

Using a fake ID may not seem like all that big of an issue – especially if you act responsibly while consuming alcohol. However, being found using a fraudulent document such as a fake ID will result in a criminal misdemeanor charge.

Officers in attendance at the Phoenix Open are always on the lookout for minors attempting to use fake IDs to purchase alcohol. The law does not make concessions for teenage errors in judgment, so it is essential that your child is represented by an experienced attorney if found in possession of a fake ID. Make no mistake, the likelihood of your child spending time in jail and incurring a hefty fine for using a fake ID is incredibly high. Worse still, your minor child may face multiple charges, including a MIC, MIP or DUI if caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Do not take minor convictions lightly – contact Matthew Lopez Law today if your minor has been arrested while attending the Phoenix Open. Our legal team is here to represent you and your child so that a single mistake does not destroy an otherwise bright and successful future.