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What to Do If You Get a DUI Over Spring Break in Arizona

It can be easy to get carried away when you finally get a break from school. Spring break is notorious for getting a little out-of-hand, especially when alcohol is involved. While getting behind the wheel after drinking is never a good idea, if it happens, there could be extreme consequences to pay. Do not let a DUI derail your education, life and career. There are steps you can take to mitigate the damage and reduce the impact on your life. Here is what to do if you get a DUI over spring break in Arizona.

Hire a Top-Notch Arizona DUI Lawyer

As soon as possible, you want to hire a DUI lawyer for your defense. A DUI in Arizona can result in penalties, loss of your driver’s license, jail time and more. If you are arrested anywhere in Arizona, contact our team at Matthew Lopez Law. We can begin building your defense and help you navigate the court system in the months to come. Our team understands the best options for reducing, even eliminating, your DUI charge. Some of the steps we recommend our clients with a DUI charge do right after their arrest, after calling us, include the following:

  • Write down what you remember. While it is still fresh in your mind, write down everything you remember about the time before and after your arrest. Document where you were, how much you had to drink and what happened when you were pulled over. Details are important; add everything you did up to that point, including what you ate and drank before the arrest. Describe where you were going, the road conditions, where you were when you were pulled over and any other factors. Document what was said by the police officer and what occurred during the arrest proceedings. Even details you do not think are important may be crucial to your defense. Take pictures of the spot where you were arrested and of anything that played a role in your citation, including signs or objects that impacted your driving.
  • Make copies of all your paperwork. You will need to give our team copies of all pertinent paperwork that you receive from your arrest. Give us copies of anything you received from the police and make copies of any documents that they asked to see, such as your license, insurance information or vehicle registration. If your license was revoked, you will need to give us copies of your suspension and temporary license.
  • Schedule an AZ MVD hearing. The suspension of your driver’s license and your DUI charges are two separate matters, one civil and one criminal. In Arizona, you need to schedule a separate MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) hearing to discuss your driving privileges in civil court. You must contact the MVD within 15 days of your arrest if you want a hearing.
  • Detail your medical issues. If you are on any prescription medications, or were when you were arrested, it is important to give your attorney this information. You should also describe any medical or physical limitations you have that may have impaired your ability to perform the field sobriety test or impacted your driving abilities at the time of your DUI arrest.
  • Retrieve your vehicle from impound. In most cases, your vehicle will be impounded after your arrest, at your expense. You will want to arrange to get your vehicle out of impound within 30 days of your arrest. You may need to schedule an informal impound hearing to get your vehicle released. The instructions for getting your vehicle released should be detailed in the paperwork you received after your arrest.
  • Prepare for your court dates. Our team at Matthew Lopez Law will work diligently to defend your Lake Havasu DUI case, but you must also be ready for your court dates. Make sure to clear your schedule to appear at court and arrange to be at the scheduled hearings. It can also be beneficial to ensure any outstanding traffic tickets or other citations are paid or resolved before you go to court. If you should miss your court appearance, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. It is vital to make sure you attend all hearings and mandates to avoid further complications in your DUI case.

If your spring break in Arizona results in a DUI, you want the best chance of reducing the impact on your life. Contact our team at Matthew Lopez Law for experienced legal counsel that can help you get the most desirable outcome for your case. We will be on your side and give you the opportunity to have a fighting chance to put this incident behind you and get on with your life.