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Arrested for Marijuana at Arizona State University

Every year, our attorneys represent several clients for marijuana at Arizona State University. Some of our clients are arrested for simple possession of marijuana, but others get arrested for actually selling marijuana. There are two consequences associated with marijuana violations – legal consequences and consequences from Arizona State University.

Charged with Possession of Marijuana

In terms of legal consequences, penalties depend on whether a client was selling marijuana or had simple possession of marijuana. If a client is charged with simple possession of marijuana, meaning the amount of marijuana was less than 2 pounds, it is possible for good cause appearing, we may be able to have the case dismissed. If the client was charged with selling marijuana, which could either mean the client had more than 2 pounds or the marijuana was packaged which gave police officers reason to believe they were selling, the best possible outcome would be avoiding a felony conviction. In either situation, we have represented hundreds of clients and have been able to provide incredibly successful outcomes.

Similar to the varying outcomes associated with criminal cases, the Arizona State University consequences depend on the nature of the marijuana. If a person was simply smoking marijuana in the dorms or anywhere else on campus, it is possible they will be able to remain students at Arizona State University. Some of the consequences in this situation, include probation drug education courses or monitoring. If, however, a student was selling marijuana on campus, or even sometimes off-campus, there is a good chance they will be expelled. Students facing suspension or expulsion, are entitled to due process rights through the University.

Marijuana Arrest Lawyers

Our attorneys represent between 50 and 100 students a year for Arizona State University disciplinary hearings. Because our office is in Tempe, we are considered one of the go-to law firms for Arizona State University students. We are familiar with the disciplinary process, we are experienced with representing students and working closely with families, and we are rated one of the top criminal defense law firms in Arizona.

If you or your child students have been arrested or facing a disciplinary hearing regarding marijuana at Arizona State University, please call us for a free case evaluation. You have worked hard to attend college, there is too much to lose and you must consult with an attorney to discuss your options and devise a strategy for your case. Please call us day or night at 602-960-1731.