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Did You Know Littering in Scottsdale is a Crime?

As an attorney who practices law across the entire state of Arizona, I see some of the most unusual cases out of the Scottsdale Municipal Court. Scottsdale police are harsher on some types of acts than most all other cities. One of the most bizarre acts that’s criminalized in Scottsdale but not in other cities is littering. The most common situation that we see for littering cases is somebody drinking a beer or an alcoholic beverage outside of a club or bar, they leave the container on the sidewalk, and the police cite them for littering. Sometimes, if the officer is being unruly, we may even see them cite somebody for disposing of a cigarette butt or a piece of trash.

Littering Violation

Littering in Scottsdale is a City Code violation. The Scottsdale City Code provides that all violations are criminal misdemeanors. If you are reading this article, you may have stumbled across something called a diversion program. Diversion programs generally mean that once somebody completes certain courses or community service, the case may be dismissed. For some reason, only certain types of cases in Scottsdale are eligible for their diversion program. Unfortunately, littering is not eligible for the Scottsdale diversion program.

We speak with new clients all day long. Often times, a potential client calls several law firms to discuss their case. It amazes me how much incorrect information attorneys provide potential clients. They will pretty much tell a potential client anything they want to hear in order to take their money. We do not operate that way. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what is said or how cases handled, a person cannot receive diversion in Scottsdale for littering. This is a black and white policy that is non-negotiable.

What we can do, however, is prevent our clients charged with littering from having a criminal conviction on their record. We are very good at doing this.

Anytime a person is faced with a criminal offense, no matter the severity, it is important that they receive sound legal advice. There are two things you’ll receive from the lawyers at my office, sound legal advice and aggressive representation. Please call our office to discuss your criminal littering ticket in Scottsdale. We will explain the process that we will take to prevent you from having a criminal conviction on your record. 602-960-1731

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