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Second time DUI Penalties at Gilbert Court

The penalties for a second time DUI become much harsher. In Arizona, courts consider a previous DUI if it took place within seven years of your current DUI. The consequences of your second DUI all depend on the type of DUI your second DUI may be. For example, if your first DUI is a super extreme DUI but your second DUI is a regular DUI you would be facing a second regular DUI. Conversely, if your first DUI is a regular DUI but your second DUI is a super extreme DUI you will be facing a second super extreme DUI. The harshest penalty for a second time DUI in Arizona is up to 180 days in jail. In addition to jail time you may also have your license revoked for one year.

Hiring A Lawyer

While it is important to always hire a lawyer to fight your DUI, it is incredibly important to hire a lawyer to fight your second time DUI. There are many tactics our attorneys can take to help either get your DUI dismissed or have it significantly reduced.

This morning we represented a young man at the Gilbert Municipal Court who did not hire a lawyer for his first DUI. Every time we hear of a client who does not hire a lawyer would become concerned. Had this young man received sound legal advice for his first DUI, there is a good chance that the penalties for his second DUI would have been significantly less. Now, it is important to remember that not all private DUI lawyers are equal. Some have more training than others, some are more experienced than others, some have more education regarding DUIs than others. Most importantly, however, there are some lawyers that simply care more about the clients well-being than others.

Fighting Your DUI

The attorneys at Matthew Lopez law are some of the top-rated DUI lawyers in Arizona. We get hired nearly every day by new clients to fight their DUIs. We’ve attended countless hours of DUI training, we routinely receive case dismissals and reductions. There is one guarantee that we can provide all our clients, and that is that we will do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible outcome.

In terms of our experience in Gilbert Court, our attorneys are there every week. We understand the process the Gilbert courts take in prosecuting DUI cases. We treat DUI cases at Gilbert differently than all other courts. As our client, you’ll receive the benefit of our years of training and experience aggressively handling DUI cases at Gilbert Court. If you are charge with a second time DUI, or even if you’re charged with the first time DUI, at the Gilbert Municipal Court, please call our attorneys to discuss a case strategy that is unique for you. Our consultations are always free. Please call us at 602-960-1731.