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Do you Live in Canada and Have a Case at the Scottsdale Municipal Court?

Our office represents hundreds of people each year out of the Scottsdale Municipal Court for various types of misdemeanor offenses. Scottsdale is a vacation destination especially when the weather is nice. People come to Scottsdale for bachelor parties, spring training, reunion trips, the Barrett Jackson, Phoenix open, and many more occasions. It’s important to know that good people make mistakes. The important thing is, let’s not make this small mistake haunt you for the rest of your life.

While the majority of our clients live in Arizona, about 25% of our clients do not. Some live out of state and some live out of the country. We have represented clients from all over the world – the most typical county is Canada

If you live in Canada and have a case at the Scottsdale Municipal Court handling the case yourself will be extremely difficult. You’ll have to make at least one, if not two, court appearances. By the time you pay for airfare, hotels, take time off work, your expenses will far exceed our legal fees. If you live in Canada, or anywhere outside of Arizona, you can hire our law office and you will never have to come back to court. We will take care of everything for you. Once we notify the court that we are your attorney, we are the ones responsible for attending the hearings, not you. Not only will our representation save you money and transportation, we will be able to provide you the best possible outcome. It really only makes sense to hire us to represent you if you live in Canada, or you live outside of Arizona.

In addition to transportation issues, if you are a Canadian citizen, you most likely will have concerns with possible immigration consequences stemming from your Scottsdale case. Not to worry, our lawyers will resolve your case in a manner that will most likely not have any impact on your immigration status or your ability to travel throughout the world.

We have represented hundreds of Canadian clients, let us help you. 602-960-1731