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What is the Fine for a Scottsdale Criminal Speeding Ticket?

If your main concern regarding a Scottsdale criminal speeding or excessive speeding ticket is the fine, you are significantly missing the point. I say that with all due respect. At the end of the day, the fine is not important. What is important is the fact that if convicted of criminal speeding in Scottsdale, the conviction will always be on your record. This may haunt you for the rest of your life. You will always have to disclose a criminal conviction. In the whole scheme of things a conviction for criminal speeding may not seem like that big of a deal but if you’re applying for a job, it is foreseeable, compared to two candidates with one having a clean record and the other having a slight blemish, the employer will most likely hire the candidate with a clean record.

Speeding Ticket Lawyer

For a very small sum of money, you can hire one of Scottsdale’s top speeding ticket law firm to fight your case. After speaking with her office for the first time, we are confident that you will see the value in hiring us to fight your case.

When we’re hired to represent somebody for criminal speeding ticket, we have one objective. Our objective is to get the case dismissed as quickly as possible. So if your concern is not the fine but having a criminal conviction on your record, Matthew Lopez Law is the right law firm for you. I cannot emphasize it enough, without a lawyer, your chances of having the case dismissed are not good. Don’t leave your case to chance, call our lawyers to discuss how we can beat your case.