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Consequences for a Gilbert Urinating in Public Charge

Consequences for a Gilbert Urinating in Public Charge

Most people do not hire my law office because they are worried about the monetary consequences associated with their urinating in public case out of the Gilbert Court. Generally speaking, people hire my office because they do not want a criminal conviction on their record.

Last time I was at Gilbert Court the clerk told me they are seeing droves of Urinating in Public cases. The reason is simple, downtown Gilbert is booming. People leave the bars at 2:00 am, need to use the restroom, but have no place to go. They end up using the restroom in a discrete area – usually behind bushes, a car or alleyway. Now, while most people would not be offended by people urinating in bushes outside of a bar after midnight – there aren’t any families around – the Gilbert Police Department takes an incredibly strict position.

UIP is Criminal Misdemeanor in Gilbert

Do not underestimate this charge. People make the incorrect assumption that just because they received what appears to be a traffic ticket from the police officer, it’s no more than a small citation. This is absolutely incorrect. You are receiving the same paperwork someone would if they were arrested for DUI, Assault or Domestic Violence. The citation you received is what’s called a charging document. This is the document the Gilbert Municipal Court will use to formally charge you with a criminal misdemeanor.

Yes, Urinating in Public in Gilbert is a misdemeanor. We charge a nominal fee for Urinating in Public Representation. For $1,500 you will have a lawyer go to court with you – or if you live out of state – for you, who will ensure your rights are protected. Our ideal goal is to have your case dismissed or prevent you from having a criminal conviction on your record. We’ve been to court thousands of time. We are trained to handle every single conceivable scenario. Do not leave your Urinating in Public Charge to chance, call our attorneys to see what we can do for you, 602-960-1731.

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