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Celebrity Hit with Public Drunkenness Charge

It’s a rough life being a celebrity

You’ve had one too many drinks and get arrested for public intoxication, and now it becomes national news.  These are the PR woes actor Shia LaBeouf has lived though.  Several years ago LeBeouf was arrested during a Friday night in Texas for public intoxication. Police discovered him acting drunk in public.  According to officers, being intoxicated was not the only issue that led to the arrest.  LaBoeuf’s behavior was allegedly belligerent, uncooperative, and aggressive.

Is Public Drunkenness Really Legal in Arizona

It’s no surprise that if you act belligerent in public, especially toward a police officer, you will find yourself in some kind of legal trouble.  Texas law makes it illegal to be drunk in public, but in 2014, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled against laws banning public intoxication.  Great news for those of us in Arizona; we can be as intoxicated as we like in public…right?  Well not quite.  The actual act of being under heavy influence of alcohol in public is not itself an offense but police officers have plenty to charge you for behaviors that come along with it.  For example, being belligerent with your friends or to passers-by can result in a disorderly conduct charge.  Aggressive behavior can lead to an arrest for assault or threatening and intimidating.  Being uncooperative to police can land you in cuffs for resisting arrest or failure to obey a police officer.

Punish the Symptoms by using Constant Patrols

Arizona ruled that all of the above charges cover the bad behavior that goes along with public drunkenness.  Particularly in Old Town Scottsdale and Mill Avenue in Tempe, police patrol for these issues on Friday and Saturday nights when the bars are starting to close.  Even though you won’t get busted for public intoxication, it’s best to avoid the possibility of the other slew of charges.  On the bright side, if you do get arrested, you probably will not be on TMZ the next day like Shia.

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