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Sun Devil Fans Seek ASU Alum Attorney Matt Lopez

ASU football season is well underway, with another exciting game scheduled for this weekend. ASU Sun Devils face off with their next foe at Sun Devil Stadium. Home games never fail to bring out the crowds of local fans and alums to root for the home team. Despite recent rumors of stricter guidelines for drinking at tailgate parties, the alcohol will of course still be a big part of the fun at the game, before and after.

Drinking, crowds, and the excitement of a competitive football game is a recipe for criminal charges. Police and security are always on high alert at these games and will be watching for any kind of activity they deem as dangerous, disorderly or illegal. Other than the obvious alcohol related charges, many game-goers this year will find themselves slapped with urinating in public or disorderly conduct charges.

Urinating in public may seem like a silly charge, but can have serious consequences. It is a class 1 misdemeanor, so a conviction will stay on your record forever, requiring explanation when applying for jobs or schools. Disorderly conduct is another charge that can have serious repercussions on your life. Police can arrest you for disorderly conduct for anything they deem as disruptive, from fighting, shoving, or making loud music.

Both of these charges can reek havoc on your life, your job, and your school status. They require a highly experienced local attorney who has handled hundreds of ASU cases. Matthew Lopez Law is conveniently located on Mill Avenue less than 4 miles away from ASU. Matthew Lopez, an ASU alum himself, has a well-established relationship with the justice courts’ prosecutors and knows their polices and procedures well, as well as the best, most effective defense to your charges. Put your case in the best possible hands, and call Matthew Lopez Law today for a free discussion on your charges.

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