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Failure to Obey a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest in Scottsdale Could Lead to Serious Jail Time

There are several charges that are common within Scottsdale’s bar district. These charges include: disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and failure to obey police officer. Our law firm gets hired for different types of offenses in Scottsdale. Occasionally, we are surprised at the harsh penalties people are charged with in Scottsdale. For instance, we represented a young man who innocently touched a police officer’s shoulder and the proposed sentence was two days in jail. We spent significant amounts of time fighting the case and were able to get the jail time waived. This morning, we had our weekly staff meeting and discussed files for the week. We discussed a new case where the City of Scottsdale Prosecutor’s office is asking for four days in jail because our client failed to obey commands given by Scottsdale police officer. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Failure to Obey

The good news for our clients is that we are used to devising effective strategies that deal with the harsh penalties in Scottsdale. Without an experienced attorney on your side, be prepared for Scottsdale Court to impose unreasonable penalties. The benefit of using Matthew Lopez Law is that we don’t take no for an answer. We will fight your case until we get the best outcome for you.

Resisting Arrest

If a police officer cites or arrests you for failure to obey, that does not always mean they are correct. It’s possible, you had an interaction with an ultra-sensitive police officer. Once we receive the police report and body camera, we will bring your story to light. We are excellent at telling our clients’ version of events. If you’ve been charged with failure to obey police officer in Scottsdale, let our lawyers tell your side of the story and fight toward a case dismissals. 602-960-1731

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