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Scottsdale Police Out to Get People for Urinating in Public

It’s a Good Decision to Hire A Lawyer for your Urinating in Public Case

You’re not alone, everyone’s done it. You were out late in Scottsdale, just got out of a bar and had to use the restroom before going home. It’s dark, there aren’t many people around, so you go into the alley to use the restroom. Just when you thought no one was looking, a Scottsdale police officer approaches you and either arrests your or gives you a citation for urinating public. Scottsdale city officials have made the initiative to crack down on people who have been caught urinating in public.

Scottsdale makes a lot of money from its nightlife. The city wants the revenue, but doesn’t want everything else that comes with the partying. They want to keep it family friendly, yet have bars and clubs open until 2:00 a.m. This seems like a contradiction.

Although everyone has peed in public, not everyone has been caught. In general, we may believe that urinating in public is no big deal. I don’t think it is, but I don’t make the laws. My job is to help clients beat ridiculous laws that Arizona and its municipalities have promulgated.

My office has represented countless clients for their UIP charge. We are very good at what we do.

If you are convicted of the charge, it’s going to be incredibly embarrassing for you to explain this conviction to your boss or to future interviewees. Have my office help keep this charge off your record. We’ll handle your case timely and discretely in a manner that will have the least effect on your personal and professional career.

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