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Disorderly Conduct in Scottsdale

One of the most common offenses we see in Scottsdale is Disorderly Conduct. A Disorderly Conduct Charge generally arises out of an act that someone commits while they are at a club or a bar. The challenging aspect of Disorderly Conduct is that it’s a subjective charge. Arizona law vaguely criminalizes any act that appears to be disorderly.

So who makes the determination of whether an act is disorderly? The answer, while unfair, is the police. This means, that two people could commit the same act and only one person receives the charge of disorderly conduct. This could possibly be explained by the fact that there were two separate police officers involved and one happens to be stricter than the other.

What a Disorderly Conduct Charge Means

If charged with disorderly conduct, you are facing a criminal misdemeanor. In most cases, we believe our clients are unfairly charged with disorderly conduct. It is important that we bring to light our clients’ version of the events, as quickly as possible. The sooner we can explain to the judge and prosecutor that this was a mere misunderstanding, or was the result of an unfairly sensitive police officer, the better chance we will have at getting your charge dismissed.

How Our Lawyers Handle Disorderly Conduct Charges

The first thing our office does in a disorderly conduct case is explain to the court that our client is completely not guilty of the offense they are being charged with. Next, we put in a request for the police report, as well as any and all recordings of the event. We then work closely with our clients to gather as much personal information about them as possible.

Scottsdale Disorderly Conduct Law Firm

There is a reason why Matthew Lopez Law is consistently rated one of the top Arizona criminal defense law firms – our lawyers are smart, aggressive, and deeply care about the well being of our clients. Without an experienced lawyer on your side, the prosecutors and police officers involved will do their absolute best to convict you of a crime. If hired, our Scottsdale Disorderly Conduct Lawyers are going to work tirelessly to provide you with an outcome you deserve – a complete case dismissal. If charged with Disorderly Conduct in Scottsdale, call our lawyers for a free case evaluation, 602-960-1731.

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