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Underage Clubbing in Scottsdale Could Land You In Jail

As a criminal defense attorney, I have represented people for literally every single type of conceivable charge.  The most commons types of cases my law firm handles are DUI, possession of Fake ID, minor in consumption of alcohol, minor in possession of alcohol, public urination, and open container.

These are all very serious charges that could result in jail, probation, and worst of all, a criminal conviction.  Regarding the underage alcohol charges, it is common for my clients to be in the parking lot and drinking prior to going into the night club.

Scottsdale police officers are constantly patrolling downtown Scottsdale looking for anyone who is up to no good – including underage drinking.

Downtown Scottsdale literally sees everything.  I even had a case once where my client was caught  having sex in a parking garage.

Scottsdale is fun; however, it is important to have fun responsibly.  The residence of downtown Scottsdale get annoyed with people flooding their town every Friday and Saturday night to party and act wild.  They have urged Scottsdale police to heavily patrol and maintain order – I think they want Scottsdale to eventually not be known for a party town, and are showing a heavy police presence to remain visible throughout the city.

If you have been arrested or charged with MIP, MIC, possession of fake, public urination, open container, in Scottsdale, Arizona, contact a criminal defense attorney at Matthew Lopez Law

The Matthew Lopez law group is experienced with the Scottsdale Court and prosecutors.  Matthew Lopez is a well recognized lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona who has handled countless cases that have resulted in favorable outcomes. When you need experience and an aggressive representation, contact the Law Office of Matthew Lopez.

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