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Bikers Injuries Require An Experienced Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorney

The thrill of riding a motorcycle around town can quickly turn to tragedy if you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident.

Too Frequently motorcyclists are killed when they collided with much larger vehicles. Automobile or truck drivers are often not seriously injured after colliding with motorcycle riders. This shows just how vulnerable motorcyclists are as opposed to the drivers of larger vehicles.

Motorcycles are a common sight around Arizona due to the wide open roads and mild weather most of the year.

It is so important for all drivers to be aware of motorcycles around them because it is much more difficult to judge distance and speed for such a smaller vehicle with only a single headlight. It is all too common for drivers to miss bikers in a blind spot, and one wrong move can easily cause an accident. Due to the riders exposure, even a small accident can result in major injuries, or as we saw today, even death.

Families of bikers who have been involved in an accident need to know their rights when it comes to filing a personal injury claim.

Insurance companies will try to settle and are well trained to act as though they are on your side. In reality, the insurance companies’ main goal is to save money and that means settle for the least amount possible. Agents will try to record you making statements that down-play the injuries and will convince you that the case is worth less than it really is.

Avoid becoming a victim of insurance company tricks by calling experienced motorcycle personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez.

Having an attorney on your side makes all the difference in getting the appropriate settlement you deserve for your injuries so you can get back on your bike and enjoy life once again.

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