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What is a DUI plea?

A driving under the influence conviction in Arizona could change your life. You may face serious consequences, including weeks or months behind bars.

A DUI plea could be an effective solution for minimizing the penalties you face for a DUI conviction. The right plea deal, orchestrated by an experienced attorney, could lead to an arrangement that pleases everyone.

Understanding a plea deal

At its core, a plea bargain is a compromise. A judge will not impose the maximum sentence for a particular crime if you, the defendant, agree to meet the judge halfway by admitting you commit the crime. You will plead guilty or no contest and the prosecutor will (in most cases) drop or reduce the charges against you, generally leading to a lighter sentence.

Plea bargains are not the right choice for every DUI defendant. Your lawyer will work closely with you to come up with the appropriate defense strategy for your particular case. A plea deal could be right if you want more control over the results of your criminal case. Not all judges or courtrooms will accept a DUI defendant’s plea bargain, however.

Benefits of taking a DUI plea

If your attorney believes a DUI plea is the right move for your case, it could mean you have low odds of securing a positive outcome during a criminal trial. In a criminal DUI trial, you will not have the power to control your sentence or the charges against you. In a DUI plea, on the other hand, you may be able to have a say in your penalties.

A plea bargain takes the guesswork out of a DUI. Instead of risking a loss in trial and facing the maximum DUI sentence in Arizona, a plea deal could protect you from the worst penalties. You may be able to prevent a worst-case scenario and get back on your feet sooner with a compelling DUI plea.