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Know your rights during a DUI test

DUI laws may vary from state to state across the nation, but Arizona is ranked as one of the toughest zero tolerance states with a limit of 0.08% allowed. Though each person may feel the effects of alcohol differently, it is considered a good idea in Arizona not to risk driving in an impaired state. The Arizona Department of Public Safety outlines the punishments related to drunk driving, including for first offenses at least 24 hours of jail time, a $250 fine, suspended license of at least three months and a requirement to install an interlock ignition device on the vehicle.

Field sobriety tests remain one of the key ways in which police officers determine the impairment of drunk drivers, so all drivers ought to know their rights under Arizona law. Drivers are allowed to refuse to take any tests by a police officer, under Arizona law. However, refusal can come with its own penalties, such as comments on a driving record and suspended licenses. The Arizona Department of Public Safety states that under a first offense, a license will be suspended automatically for one year if sobriety tests are refused.

According to the Arizona Republic, there is a state law that provides for implied consent between drivers and police officers. Under this law, when a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they consent to an agreement of compliance with a police officer in case their driving actions lead to a traffic stop. This consent includes the willingness to provide breath, blood, urine and other relevant bodily substances to police officials. Field sobriety tests are also included under the law and may involve tests of the eyes, balance and behavior of the driver.