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What are the consequences of a MIP?

Many people in Arizona regard the collegiate years as some of the most liberated and fun of their lives. In fact, it has become a common trope in movies to attend frat parties and drink heavily. Often, it is socially accepted for minors to consume alcohol on college grounds. however, just because it is socially accepted does not mean that it is accepted by the law. Just like in all other states in the country, it is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages if you are under 21 years of age and if caught, you will be charged with an MIP infraction (Minor in Possession). According to Arizona University, Arizona is a non-expungement state. This means that a criminal record in Arizona will never go away.

There are several consequences as a result of this. Not only will a minor charged with an MIP face direct legal consequences, there will also be consequences levied by these students’ educational institutions. Drinking underage is against the code of conduct in any university, and violating this may result in fines or even expulsion.

Not to mention, your future academic career may be at stake. Most graduate programs are going to require a background check or at least require an applicant to divulge their criminal past. Having a MIP conviction can endanger admittance to many programs.

Additionally, since Arizona is a non-expungement State, this means that students that are charged with MIP convictions may end up ineligible for certain forms of employment, such as with the federal government.

The best way to deal with an MIP conviction is not to have one in the first place.