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Your tendency to be aggressive can be managed and overcome

When you are the recipient of multiple traffic tickets in Arizona, you may be panicking about how your latest offense will impact things like your insurance premiums and your driving record. Even if you plan to fight your ticket in court, recognizing ways you can improve may help you to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. At Matthew Lopez Law, we are committed to helping people to get past the charges they are facing to be able to live their life to its fullest. 

At times, you may notice that your emotions tend to run high when you are driving. Perhaps it is the anxiety you feel if you are stuck in a long line of traffic. Perhaps you struggle to remain calm and collected if you encounter another aggressive driver who acts irrationally toward you. Whatever the reason, your decision to react aggressively can put your life, the lives of your passengers and the lives of other motorists around you at risk. A split-second decision to overreact may leave you facing yet another traffic offense or in serious cases, a criminal charge. 

According to idrivesafely.com, some of the signs that you are an aggressive driver may include tailgating, speeding or changing lanes abruptly by weaving between other vehicles. If you fail to signal to other drivers or prevent others from getting into your lane by increasing or slowing your speed to block their entrance, those are also signs of aggression. Using your horn inappropriately and never yielding to other vehicles or pedestrians can create tension and danger. 

Recognizing dangerous behaviors and implementing measures to help you manage your feelings can help you to avoid causing a preventable accident because you were acting irresponsibly and irrationally. Your efforts to change may serve in your favor as you contest the traffic violations you have received. For more information, if you are fighting a traffic ticket, visit our web page.