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Your best steps to take after a DUI in Apache Junction, Arizona

Just one drink too many can land you in the back seat of a police officer’s vehicle, awaiting the results of an alcohol breath test and wondering what to do next after you are charged with a DUI. In Apache Junction, law enforcement officers take drunk driving seriously, and they are quick to charge people who they suspect are under the influence of alcohol while behind the wheel.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Apache Junction, it is important that you know what to do next. These are the best steps to take immediately following the DUI charge:

Should you consent to the test for your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level?  

Immediately after arresting you for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, the police are likely going to ask you to submit to a chemical test. The test may vary based on the jurisdiction, but the Breathalyzer test is most common. Technically speaking, the test is optional. The choice is yours whether to submit to the test, but understand that the police will take certain actions if you refuse. There will be on-the-scene consequences associated with refusing the test, and it could complicate your legal case moving forward. If you take the test, the police will be under scrutiny regarding precise requirements for how they handle the test results. Many DUI cases are dismissed based on police carelessness that results in having the driver’s rights violated.

Once you are able, contact a criminal defense attorney who knows the Apache Junction jurisdiction

If you refuse to take the test, or show a BAC above the .08 legal limit, you will likely remain in police custody and transported to the local jail. While there, you may only be limited to one phone call, and you may need to use it in order to post bond. However, as soon as you are able, it is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney who knows the police and prosecutorial procedures in Apache Junction. When you get a qualified attorney involved early in the process, you will have more opportunities for successfully minimizing the impact of your DUI charge. Your attorney will begin collecting evidence and creating a plan to advocate for your rights. You will enjoy a sense of comfort and confidence knowing that an experienced professional is on your side and will continue to assist you throughout the legal battle ahead.

Work with your attorney to create a plan of defense

In the weeks following your DUI arrest in Apache Junction, you will have a lot of decisions to make. If you have hired the right criminal defense attorney, you will rest easy knowing that a personalized legal plan is being created for you. Your attorney will help you schedule a hearing if it is necessary for your case. After the hearing has been scheduled, your attorney will begin working on a plan for addressing the court during the hearing. It is important to work with an attorney who knows how to advocate for your rights and who will defend you. In some cases, the judge will determine at the hearing what the consequences will be. In other cases, you may have to schedule an arraignment to receive your sentencing.

Know that there may be consequences, but you can move forward

The consequences for being convicted for driving while under the influence of alcohol in Apache Junction can vary based on the specific circumstances. Some individuals who are convicted of a DUI are put on probation or limited to a restricted driver’s license. Others may lose their driving privileges entirely for a specific amount of time, while some may face additional jail time after their conviction. The sentence that you receive will vary significantly based on your criminal record, the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest and the attorney that you hire. The best criminal defense attorney in Apache Junction will fight for your rights and make sure that you do not suffer needlessly for one mistake that was made.

Being charged with a DUI in Apache Junction can have far-reaching consequences on both your professional and personal life. Recognizing that the stakes are high after you have been charged with drunk driving, you will want to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The right attorney will be able to advocate for you and minimize the damage done by the DUI charge.