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Domestic violence charges in Lake Havasu City

Domestic violence charges in Lake Havasu City can result in significant penalties that have serious consequences. An individual who has been accused of domestic violence will need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advocate for them under challenging circumstances.

Domestic violence laws in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, domestic violence is defined as any act of physical, emotional or verbal abuse that is committed by one household member or family member to another. For example, a granddaughter can commit a domestic violence crime against her grandmother, or a roommate can commit an act of domestic violence against the other roommate. Domestic violence laws do not apply exclusively to romantic relationships.

Domestic violence laws in Arizona are designed to protect victims and prevent these incidents from happening in the future. These wide-ranging laws encompass a variety of criminal activity, which can include:

  • Trapping a person in a situation in which they do not have economic control over their own life.
  • Trespassing on a person’s property and harassing that individual.
  • Assaulting an individual who lives in the home.
  • Threatening an individual who is a member of the family or household.

These are just a few of the activities that can result in domestic violence charges. It is important for everyone in Arizona to understand domestic violence laws in the state.

Understanding the prosecution of domestic violence charges in Lake Havasu

Law enforcement officers and criminal justice professionals aggressively pursue and prosecute domestic violence charges in the state. It is important to note that once a person has been charged with domestic violence, those charges cannot be dropped. In many cases, the individual who pursues the charges decides that they no longer wish to prosecute, but in Arizona, domestic violence charges will almost always be prosecuted.

Defense against Lake Havasu City domestic violence charges

It can be overwhelming and intimidating to be charged with a domestic violence crime in Lake Havasu, especially since these criminal charges are taken very seriously by the justice system. An experienced criminal defense attorney can work directly with you in order to defend you and advocate for your rights. A skilled attorney can get you the results you deserve.

Given the complex nature of domestic violence charges, it is critical that any individual accused of domestic violence immediately hires a criminal defense attorney who has experience in this area. Domestic violence charges are prosecuted aggressively in Lake Havasu City, so it is imperative that you partner with an attorney who knows how to prove your innocence.

For more information on domestic violence charges in Arizona, contact our Lake Havasu City law office today to set up a consultation appointment with an experienced criminal defense attorney.