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Protect your child’s education and future from MIC consequences

Arizona has a strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding minors caught drinking alcohol. If the state convicts your child on a Minor in Consumption of Alcohol charge, there can be immediate consequences like fines and suspended driving privileges and detrimental effects much further down the road when applying for colleges or jobs. We believe that youthful mistakes should not continue to haunt children long after they have become adults. 

According to ARS §4-244, it is a crime for someone under the legal drinking age to “have in the person’s possession or consume spirituous liquor.” In a higher-learning environment, where your student might share housing or attend social events with others over and under the age of 21, the chances increase that your child might be the victim of circumstance. If a party gets out of hand, or if your child is among peers who are intoxicated and disorderly in public, law enforcement officers could arrest him or her along with the others. 

The state of Arizona allows fines for MIC convictions to reach $2,500, as well as further consequences of a suspended driver’s license and up to four months in jail. Additionally, state universities and colleges often impose penalties on students who are arrested on MIC, even if the prosecutor drops the charges. Although the standards differ in each school, most universities have disciplinary procedures for school policy violations, including alcohol consumption or possession. Unfortunately, in today’s climate, it is likely for students to be sanctioned or even expelled for merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

If your child is the victim of an MIC arrest, it is vital that you contact an attorney to explore your options. For more information on underage alcohol charges, visit our webpage.