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Facing drag racing charges in Phoenix

With its long stretches of flat highways, Phoenix has long been a haven for those who love to indulge in the thrill of street racing. This activity — which is sometimes referred to as drag racing — involves individuals operating their vehicles at a high rate of speed on a public road in hopes of ending up as the winner with the fastest car.

Street racing is dangerous and reckless, and those who get caught drag racing in Phoenix may face serious criminal charges.

This is what local residents need to know about drag racing charges in Phoenix, Arizona:

Drag racing charges are often coupled with additional moving violations

In many cases, an individual who is charged with drag racing in Phoenix will often face additional criminal charges. This is due to the fact that law enforcement officials often intervene after calls of complaints or after an incident has taken place related to the race itself. For example, a person who is drag racing down a Phoenix highway and crashes their vehicle into another car will be charged with drag racing in Phoenix as well as additional charges related to the crash. Common charges that are coupled with drag racing include driving while under the influence, curfew violations, theft from autos, trespassing and illegal vehicle modifications.

Those charged with drag racing in Phoenix face steep financial penalties

If convicted of drag racing in Phoenix, an individual is likely to face steep financial penalties. The fine amount will vary based on the number of times the person has been charged with drag racing as well as their past criminal history. A first-time offender can expect to pay $250, while someone who has been charged with drag racing in Phoenix in the past may face a $500 fine.

Arizona law enforcement officials are cracking down on drag racing in the Phoenix Valley

It’s important to note that Arizona lawmakers are working with law enforcement officials in the state to crack down on drag racing. A recent bill was introduced to the Arizona state legislature that would implement a $1,000 fine for drag racing. All monies collected would go to a prevention fund to provide additional police monitoring in popular drag racing spots in Arizona.

Phoenix residents who have been charged with drag racing and any other related criminal charges may be facing a variety of penalties if convicted. If convicted, the sentence can range from community service and paying a fine to paying a steep fine and serving jail time. In general, the sentence depends on the charges the individual is faced with and their prior criminal history.

If you or someone that you love has been charged with drag racing in Phoenix, the best thing to do is hire a criminal defense lawyer who has experience in this area. Our Phoenix criminal defense law firm can advocate for you and provide you with the results that you need during this challenging time.