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Can you get prior marijuana charges expunged from your record in Arizona?

Word spread quickly that recreational marijuana use was legalized in Arizona after voters approved Arizona Proposition 207 on November 3. While there were a lot of questions among people about when they could possess marijuana or where they would be able to purchase it, there were also many inquiries about if it would be possible to get a prior marijuana charge expunged from a criminal record in Arizona.

While the details are not entirely clear yet, AZ Central notes that some people may be able to get their felony marijuana convictions expunged from their records.

How Can Prior Marijuana Charges Be Erased From A Criminal Record In Arizona?

While recreational marijuana use was legalized in Arizona after voters approved the measure on the November ballot, that does not automatically mean that all prior criminal marijuana convictions have been overturned or expunged. In fact, most people who have a criminal marijuana charge on their record will be facing yet another legal battle in an attempt to expunge the charge. The ballot measure specifically states that anyone who has been charged with a marijuana-related offense since July 12 and whose charge was for possessing less than 2.5 ounces of marijuana or having less than 6 plants in their home could petition to have their charges expunged. Essentially, anyone who has been charged previously for an activity that would now be legal may have an opportunity to erase their criminal record.

The History Of Marijuana Convictions In Arizona

The fact of the matter is, there may be thousands of Arizona residents who will now seek to have criminal charges related to marijuana erased from their records. Arizona law enforcement officials have a long history of pursuing marijuana-related charges, particularly for marijuana possession. Given the frequency with which these charges have been pursued in the past, it’s important to get in touch with your attorney quickly in order to have your case addressed as soon as possible.

Have Other States Expunged Marijuana-Related Charges?

Fortunately, there is good news for those who have previous marijuana convictions in Arizona. Other states that have recently legalized recreational marijuana have taken sweeping measures to pardon people with marijuana convictions. For example, according to the Denver Post, the Colorado governor pardoned more than 2,700 low-level marijuana possession convictions in that state. These measures may be an indication that similar efforts may be considered in the state of Arizona, particularly as more information comes to light about the law that was passed by voters in November.

As details about Arizona Proposition 207 continue to be released, anyone who has prior marijuana criminal convictions and charges on their records should keep in contact with their criminal defense attorney. Our legal team is working tirelessly to advocate for our clients and ensure that their criminal records are expunged if at all possible.

For more information about whether you might qualify to have your marijuana charges expunged, contact our law firm today.